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                Welcome: KIGALI LEATHER LTD
                Language: Chinese ∷  English

                ABOUT US

                ABOUT US

                KIGALI LEATHER LTD is a domestic company which was licensed by Rwanda Development Board in 2013 under a registration No 103059971 and obtained an investment certificate No C/1393/2013 for manufacturing of wet blue leather and other leather shoes. The company lies in Bugesera Industrial Zone, occupying 70,000 square meters, and 10,000 square meters workshop, 300 square meters office, the company has more than 20 Chinese technician, and more than 180 local staff. The Minister Mr. Altnas from Industry and Trade visited the factory in 2015 and give high praise ...

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                CONTACT US

                Contact: lan

                Phone: 13372863300

                Tel: +250788879888


                Add: African Rwanda